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Thelma Dís Ágústsdóttir


180 cm (5-11)

69 kg (152)

18, 9/30/1998

13th grade


Clearinghouse - Yes 

Mobile #


Shooting forward/power forward

Best youth player of the women's league 2015-2016

MVP of the Keflavík club of the 2015-2016 season

5 player all-star team of the 2016-2017 season

Played with all the Youth National teams

2 games with the Senior National team

This is how my current coach describes me:

Very good shooter around the paint and a solid 3-point shooter, Very good free-throw shooter, Very good with her back against the basket, has good post moves, Runs the court very well, Can guard the 3 and the 4 spot, Has good basketball IQ, Can rebound on the defensive end and run coast to coast with Has good mentality and has been a key player on champion Is a team player and very coachable.

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All-Star Girls



Aussie U18 Girls Action

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2000 Australian U18 Championships


2000 Top 10 List

Jessica Mahoney. 5-6, PG. A small, but incredibly durable PG who can score, drive, dish, plays defense and run the whole show.

Georgia Woodyard. 6-2, PF. A rough and tough utility post player who gets it done with athleticism and effort.

Laura Summerton. 6-2, SF-PF. A versatile, skilled player who is comfortable in the paint or in the open floor.

Hollie Grima. 6-2, C. A talented young post who is just gaining confidence in her game.

Jessica Foley. 5-10, SF. Highly skilled and athletic. Has great elevation on the jumper.

Faith Probst. 6-0, PF. Athletic, hard-working, blue-collar effort around the rim.

Kate Davis. 5-9, PG-SF. A perimeter combo who is comfortable running the show from the point.

Lauren Oar. 5-9, 2G-SF. Bright prospect on the wing who runs the opposition into the ground.

Elleanor Haring. 6-0, PF. Good size and strength with a great work ethic. Can rise above the crowd with the jumper inside.

Shelley Hammonds. 6-1, C. Junior National Player of the Year. DNP with broken arm.


U18 All-Star Team

Jessica Mahoney.  PG 168cm / 5-6 New South Wales Country

Georgia Woodyard.  PF 189 cm / 6-2 Queensland South

Laura Summerton. SF-PF 188 cm / 6-2 South Australia Metro

Hollie Grima.  C 188 cm / 6-2 Tasmania

Jessica Foley. SF 179 cm / 5-10 Victoria Country

Faith Probst. PF 182 cm / 6-0 Victoria Metro

Kate Davis. PG-SF 177 cm / 5-10 Victoria Country

Lauren Oar. 2G-SF 178 cm / 5-10 Queensland North

Elleanor Haring. PF 183 cm / 6-0 Western Australia Metro

*Shelley Hammonds. C 186 cm / 6-1 New South Wales Country

*Shelley is the Australian Junior Player of the year, but DNP due to an injury.


Honorable Mention

Karla Sutton.  C 190 cm / 6-3 New Zealand

Gabby Richards.  C 185 cm / 6-1 Victoria Country

Natalie Hurst.  PG 165 cm / 5-4 Australian Capital Territory

Eva Afeaki.  SF 180 cm / 5-11 New South Wales Metro

Peta Sinclair.  C 186 cm / 6-1 New South Wales Metro

Kathryn Hardy.  C 184 cm / 6-0 Queensland North

Simone Grant.  PF 187 cm / 6-2 Queensland South

Alex Lough.  PF 182 cm / 6-0 South Australia Metro

Phillipa Edwards.  PF 177 cm / 5-10 Tasmania

Fazlyn Hartley.  2G 177 cm / 5-10 Victoria Metro

Tozzy Beattie.  PF 182 cm / 6-0 Victoria Metro

Megan Moody.  PF 183 cm / 6-0 Victoria Metro

Erica McMenamin.  PG-2G 170 cm / 5-7 Victoria Metro

Kimberly Jolly.  PG-2G 170 cm / 5-7 Victoria Metro

Alison Downie.  PF 183 cm / 6-0 Victoria Metro

Keryn McGregor.  C 185 cm / 6-1 Western Australia Country

Allison Hayes.  C 188 cm / 6-2 Western Australia Metro

? Matthews.  PF 183 cm / 6-0 Western Australia Metro