Thelma Dís Ágústsdóttir




180 cm (5-11)

69 kg (152)

18, 9/30/1998

13th grade


Clearinghouse - Yes 

Game Video:

Mobile #



Honors / Awards

Best youth player of the women's league 2015-2016

MVP of the Keflavík club of the 2015-2016 season

5 player all-star team of the 2016-2017 season

Played with all the Youth National teams

2 games with the Senior National team


Coaches description:

Very good shooter around the paint and a solid 3-point shooter, Very good free-throw shooter, Very good with her back against the basket, has good post moves, Runs the court very well, Can guard the 3 and the 4 spot, Has good basketball IQ, Can rebound on the defensive end and run coast to coast with Has good mentality and has been a key player on champion Is a team player and very coachable.


Class of 2017



Jonathan Dottin.  Barbados.  Was previously a member of the U17 National Team. 


6-8, 170.  19.  04/28/1998.  PF.



Class of 2018


Daniil "Dan" Cherneha.  203cm, 89kg.  6-8, 196.  16.  PF.  Ukrainian National Team Player in U16 and U17 age groups.





NCAA Class of 2017


Jonathan Dottin.  Barbados.  6-8, 170.  19.  04/28/1998.  PF-C. Previously on U17 National Team.





NCAA Class of 2018


Callum Dalton.  Center-Power Forward.  6-9, 253.  Age:  17, 05/04/2000.  2017 Australian Under 17's team.  2016/17 Scholarship at Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence.

Amed Daniel Ferrer.  6-8, 160.  4-5.  17.  Columbia.  U17 National Team.  


Samson “Sam” James Froling.  211 cm (6-11), 100kg (220).  17.  PF-C.  Australia.  Played on 4 different Australian Junior National teams.

Edison Gashi.  6-8, 207.  17.  C-PF.  U18 Kosovan National Team.